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Welcome to Kamchatka!

If you are here, reading this page, you may know already that it's a unique place, remarkable for its beauty and natural singularity: 31 active and about 160 extinct volcanoes, the Valley of Geysers, thermal springs, mountain rivers, much snow - it's just a brief list of Kamchatka's wonders, which you can literally touch, if you come here. Besides, there are bears, sea eagles, unique plants, and, of course - the fish. And what a fish! King and Sockeye salmon, char, grayling, East Siberia char, Rainbow Trout - a fisherman's paradise, in a word. So all you need is just to choose, which of Kamchatka's wonders you'd like to see at first...

VULKAN Tour Company will gladly help you to discover Your Kamchatka!

We offer you spectacular winter tours, breathtaking fishing tours and the best summer programms!

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