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Big Kamchatka trip

Valley of Geysers - crater of Mutnovsky volcano - Gorely volcano- "Dachniye" mineral springs and Nizhne-Mutnovsky thermal areas - rafting along the river Bystraya - a boat trip in the Avacha Bay - Avachinsky volcano

11 days / 10 nights

  Tour price: 68000 rubles per person

 Dates of the tour in 2018: July 12, July 19, July 26, August 02, August 09, August 16.

Tour programm

1 day



Arrival to Kamchatka, meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel with a thermal pool (Paratunskaya area, 30 km), accommodation. Acclimatization and rest.


2 day



Excursion is not included in the tour price.

Excursion to the Valley of Geysers and the caldera of the Uzon volcano. The program includes walking to the sights of the Valley of Geysers and the caldera of the Uzon volcano, flying over Karymsky and Maly Semyachik volcanoes, lunch at the lodge on the Zhupanova River or at the central base in the Nalychevo Valley, swimming in the hot springs.

Return to the hotel with a thermal pool.


 дачные 3

3 day


Dachniye thermal springs.

Departure to the area of ​​the Mutnovsky volcano with a stop at the Viluchinsky pass. Lunch. Excursion to the Dachniye thermal springs. Moving to the foot of Mutnovsky volcano. Dinner. Overnight in the tent camp.

Мутновский 1

4 day


The crater of the Mutnovsky volcano.

The hiking to the crater takes 3 hours (6 km). The path lies along the steeply dense ravine, at the end - the ascent along the snowfield. At the bottom of the crater you can observe various manifestations of volcanic activity - fumaroles, mud boilers, sulfur funnels, geysers. Inspection of the crater, snack (2 hours). Return to the campground. On the way back -visiting the waterfall in the canyon Opasny. Overnight in the tent camp.

горелый кратер

5 day


The Gorely volcano.

The climb takes 3 hours and passes through the slag fields and frozen lava flows. Inspection of the main craters and a snack 1.5 hours. Return to the camp. Dinner. Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Overnight at the hotel.


6 day


Rafting along the Bystraya river.

Transfer to the village of Malki, bathing in thermal springs. Transfer to the Bystraya river. Floating for 3 hours (about 15 km). During the floating, you can not only admire the changing landscapes, but also fish the char. Overnight in the tent camp.


7 day



Rafting along the Bystraya river.

Floating. The Bystraya Malkinskaya River is the second longest river in Kamchatka. It flows through the valley between the Sredinny and Ganal ranges, cuts the Sredinny ridge and goes to the Western Kamchatka lowland. The rafting passes through picturesque places. At the beginning of the rafting, the current is calm, but as soon as the river turns into a narrow valley, clamped by water dividing ridges, its character changes - shivers, underwater rocks, rapids appear. Surrounding landscapes of wildlife also change - majestic mountain landscapes are replaced by plains. Throughout, you can fish for char, fillets, grayling and salmon. During the spawning season, there is a high probability of encountering a brown Kamchatka bear.

Overnight in the tent camp.

 2006 рыбалка на Малкинкой Быстрой

8 day

Rafting along the Bystraya river.

The last day of floating with the passage of two thresholds. Departure to Petropalovsk-Kamchatsky. Hotel accommodation.


9 day



Boat trip to the Avacha Bay.
The trip takes 6 hours. The purpose of the excursion is Starichkov Island, which is a part of the Natural Park "Nalychevo" and is a specially protected natural area. It got its name thanks to the colonies of old birds, listed in the Red Book. A huge number of sea birds live and nest on the island and its coastal rocks: puffins, dead ends, guillemots, cormorants, kittiwakes, seagulls and others. On the coastal reefs around the island there are rookeries of the island seal of Antura and Larga, in the adjoining waters you can meet killer whales and dolphins.

The route runs past the symbols of Kamchatka and nature monuments "Three Brothers", "Grandmother's Stone", "The Devil's Finger" and other spectacular sights of Avachinskaya Bay.
Sea fishing and fish soup for lunch are also waiting for you.
Return to the city.
Departure for Avachinsky volcano (2,5-3 hours), accommodation at the lodge, dinner, overnight in the lodge(4-6 people in the room).

Авача 5

10 day



Avachinsky volcano.

Climbing takes about 12 hours - 8 hours climb (8 km), 4 hours descent. At first the path goes along the slag fields of the ancient volcano. At an altitude of 2000 meters after a snack, the ascent of the young cone of the volcano to the summit begins. From the top there is a panorama of the volcanoes of Zhupanovsky, Mutnovsky group, Kozelsky volcano, the city and Avacha bay. After examining the crater and a snack, the descent to the camp begins. Dinner. Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, accommodation at the hotel.



11 day



Departure from Kamchatka.

Visiting the fish market. Transfer to the airport.

Tour price: 68000 rubles per person.

- transfers on the programm;
- accomodation in the hotel and at the lodge at Avachinsky volcano;
- guide’s and cook’s services en route;
- catering en route;
- group equipment (kitchen tent, etc.);
- insurance of the tourists and their luggage;
- interpreter's service;
- individual equipment and outfit;
- excusion to the Valley of Geysers;
- alcohol.

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