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Goreliy volcano

Goreliy volcano
1 day
 Tour price: 6500 rubles per person 
In 2018 is held: 16.07, 23.07, 30.07, 6.08, 13.08, 20.08, 27.08, 03.09, 09.09

     The Goreliy volcano (6036 f/1829 m)) is situated 80 km to the south of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. It is an active volcano - its last eruption caused an ashfall in Petropavlovsk in 1980. At present the volcano is quiet. But numerous craters on the summit, fresh lava streams up to 15 km long and a huge caldera more than 10 km in diameter narrate about complicated and wild history of the Goreliy volcano.  On the top of the volcano there are 11 craters filled with acid lakes and ice. There opens a panorama of mountain massifs and neighboring volcanoesViluchinskiy, Mutnovskiy, Koryakskiy, Avachinskiy and Opala. The ascending is not very difficult and doesn’t need any special physical training. The ascend usually takes 3-4 hours.

             Tour program


1 day


8.00 am DeparturefromPKbyaheavytruck to Goreliy volcano.

 (80 km – 3-4 hours).

12.00 am Arrival to the start point of the route. Safety instructions. 

12.30 pm Ascending the volcano. Excursion to the craters. Lunch.

07.00 pm Return to the truck. Dinner.

08.00pm Way back to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy(arrival to PK at about11.00 pm).

Tour price: 6500 rubles per person 
-       transfers on the program;
-       guide’s and cook’s services en route;
-       catering en route;
-       group equipment (kitchen tent, etc.);
-       insurance of the tourists and their luggage;
-       interpreter's service;
-       individual equipment and outfit;
-       alcohol.