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Fish and fishing

Fish and fishing
Fish and fishing
Kamchatka is in many ways a unique place on Earth. Especially what concerns fishing. One-third of the salmon spawning grounds is concentrated here. Every year millions of fishes of all the pacific and other precious salmon species head in rush to the rivers of the peninsula to give life to progeny. So it would not be an exaggeration to call this land a fish bonanza. It must be said that Kamchatka is one of the last existing places in the world where you can catch fish in its state of nature. Only five rivers out of all 31,138 have fish ranching farms producing mainly sockeye and chum. As regards such species (which is to say are the objects of admiration of real sportsmen!) like rainbow trout or steelhead or some others – neither these days nor ever before have they been affected by pernicious influence of crossing with the species bred artificially. Here fish amazes you with its size, it is strong and full of power and is in marvellous condition so Kamchatka trophies will become the trophies of your whole life. READ FURTHER